I’m Not Thankful For… Critics.

25 Nov

As a lead-in to the lovely Thanksgiving holidays, here’s something I’m not thankful for–critics (yes, I get the irony).  It seems like every year it gets more and more popular to criticize basically everything.  Sarcasm is now becoming the default language for “cool people.”  

“I hate . . . ” “I know, right!”  If I hear that phrase one more time. . . Ugh!!

The world of fashion is naturally the shining example. Society was all about the Ugg boots (never really my fave–I prefer riding boots), right up until someone needed to say their piece. Suddenly, everyone else feels the need to jump on the bandwagon. Have you even thought about how rude that is?!?  If you hated it that much, you should have said something before most little girls had to have a pair.

Technology, yeah that’s another HUGE area. Either you’re the idiot with an electronic that’s “ancient” or you’re the idiot who rushed right out there to “buy up the latest item when you don’t really need it.” Classic rock and hard place.

What is making me really tired is that it now extends to Holidays.  I hated it clear back when everyone was ragging on Christmas. Admittedly, I probably spend way too much on a holiday that should focus on the celebration of my Lord. But I throw Him a heck of a party. You personally may have lost sight of the “Reason for the Season,”  but excuse me if I partially remember God’s gift to us by giving my Aunt that beautiful statue she loves so much.  Really, no one asked for you to rain on my parade.

Now it’s been extended to other holidays!  We get it; Black Friday isn’t really your thing.  Although it’s a little inconceivable, some people don’t like shopping on the holiday.  But why do you have to be MEAN about it? Well, here’s some news for you–For many peopleBlack Friday is full of great family memories.  

For me, it’s memories of the family getting together and pouring over the ads Thanksgiving night.  Of waking up early in the morning to my uncle fixing us hot cocoa and coffee. Of my aunt driving to all the stores with free treasures, my mom leaning over people with her longer arms to get me the much-anticipated J.C. Penny’s snow globe.  Getting to play detective while hunting down the items on our list (finding items on shelves and center aisles was like locating buried gold sometimes.)   I loved it then, and I still do.

My expression on Black Friday is generally something like this:


So for all of you critics out there who think the world needs your opinion on life–

Shut up.

 Think for once of the poor little girl that finally saved enough money to get a pair of Uggs (or the family who scrimped until they could afford them), who suddenly feels like an idiot every time she steps out in them but can’t afford to replace them.  Of the boy who is so excited because he finally got the new I-pad, but who probably won’t be able to buy a new one for another 5-6 years.  Try to remember for once, that the rest of the world can’t necessarily afford to keep changing to meet what’s “cool.” That some of the world cannot afford to take off multiple weekends to shop sales (which is the only way they afford anything) because Black Friday is their one weekend off before Christmas day.

Can’t you let them fun without harping on your mile long list of why you think think they’re stupid? 

Or you know, remember that old tried-and-true phrase, “If you don’t have something nice to say, keep your mouth shut.” So yeah, just shut up.


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