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New Design ~ Aqua and Rose Checkered

13 Oct

Check out my new design! 😁💕

Simple checkered pattern in blues and pinks creating a natural backdrop that creates an ambiance of spring, winter, or ocean scapes. The design is available on tons of products at my store!

  • Shoes
  • Electronics
  • Fashion
  • Children’s Toys and Accessories
  • Home Decor
  • Travel Products
  • more. . . .

#GeometricDesign #Minimalist #ModernArt #HomeDecor #Fashion


Ivy Green Spiraled Flower

30 Aug

New design available! 😉

Find a burst of spring and newness on a fresh canvas with this emerald green and ivy spiraled design. T-shirts come in many colors! Phone and laptop cases available as well!

#Fashion Baby!

14 May

You know, it says #rainbow but for some strange reason I’m seeing #cow . . . . On a t-shirt for #girls Hmmmm  😂 Life in #China means living with random #words on your #clothes 😜


5 Apr

First time ever to do #gelnails on someone! I think I did a pretty good job 😜💅

Cut my Hair!

14 Jan

Cut my hair! A whole new me, with about 5-6 inches off. Short but I love it!

Beautiful Women

30 Sep

I love “Say Yes to the Dress” – Watching that moment when a woman finally feels just as beautiful as she truly is. Even if I don’t like the dress itself, it’s just that look on a woman’s face when she is confident and feels like the amazing person she always felt like she was on the inside is finally showing up on the outside – it’s amazing. Truly confident women just glow. I wish we all felt that way all the time. That’s what fashion should truly be. Fashion should be about helping people find their souls and confidence through their clothing. About finding the things that are beautiful about them and bringing them out. About helping them realize that all those little flaws they see can disappear if they focus on the beautiful parts. Every single person is beautiful. True Beauty isn’t measured by symmetry or height or weight or lack of scars or the length of a nose. True Beauty is the size of your smile, the determination in your eyes, the confidence in your shoulders, the steel in your back, the sexy flair in your walk. And that’s something that any person can have, they just have to look inside and bring it out. And find that style that shows it 🙂 I’ve yet to meet a confident woman who didn’t just shine with beauty. We need to stop worrying about how other’s dress or what other’s will think about our style. Just pick something that shows the world who you are inside! Since you’re amazing, style that reflects you will naturally be amazing too 🙂 We just need to walk tall and show off our inner sassy, totally brilliant selves with pride! 👗

Also, Elizabeth, do you remember that week we sat and watched like fifty episodes of this show in a row? That was an awesome time 🙂 Happy memories!

China Fashion- Medieval Chinese Collaboration

16 May


Saw this beauty at the local Target substitute. Actually has potential!

China fashion~ Starshoes

24 Feb


These are totally not an infringement ~ can’t you see? It’s Starshoes Coffee not Starbucks!


China Fashion ~ I See You!

27 Jan


China Fashion~ New Purse!

24 Jan

Had to buy a new purse on Taobao for my trip to Shanghai, the snap on my old one finally gave out.  So I was really excited to test it, this has been my second purchase on Taobao officially by myself! 🙂   Originally more than 200 Yuan, I got it for 50Yuan (about $9)!  So exciting. I was a little worried about the shoulder straps, but actually they ride really nicely! It even came with the cute bear 🙂  I love the woven look, it’s a type of art.  It’s about medium size, not too big, not too small. And it came right on time.  Great purchase!





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