New Twitter Changes!

30 Apr


Twitter has just asked me to update to the new format (I am potentially on the back-end of this change since I don’t go out there very often).  After playing with it for a while, I really like some of the new perks!

Some of the new changes include:

  • The Whole Screen is a lot larger now; it uses up more of the webpage. There just isn’t as much side-space. I love this look; the appearance before was pretty lacking.
  • A much larger header image for your profile. Pick any image you want!
  • Your Profile Image, “About” info, and the Photos/Videos are now on the left of your page. Kind of what Facebook did in it’s last changeover.
  • They have moved “Who to Follow” and “Trends” to the right.
  • Instead of the “Tweets,” “Following,” “Favorites,” “Lists” buttons on the left side, these are now either part of the toolbar just under your header (Click ‘More” for “Lists”) or under the “#Discover” tab at the top that’s been there for a while.


  • There is a new “Tweets and Replies” button.  This seems to list everything you do, as with an “Activity” button.
  • You can now easily sort out the “Photos” and “Videos” that you Tweet from general posts.
  • The List of tweets themselves has changed. The format emphasizes the titles instead of the tweeter. This is one of my favorite changes.  Great Move.

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  • You can Change your Profile’s Appearance in three ways:2
  • You can Modify your Profile’s Theme in 3 ways:
    • By changing your Profile Picture. That’s still here from the old version, but the picture can be bigger.
    • By changing your Header. Still here, just bigger.
    • By changing your Theme Color. Any html color!

What’s Missing?

  • All the themes.  I can’t find any to change from the plain white background. Personally, I kind of prefer the simplicity. But if you were a designer/profile changer, your themes won’t work anymore.  


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