Next Gen. Computer Design Suggestion

14 Jun

Random Suggestion for Dell, when they are building their next generation Inspiron (or whatever the new computer is):

I wish you would arrange the sound to work like the I-Pods.  The part where, when you plug your earphones in, the sound automatically readjusts to a normal sound level.  I’m tired of playing something for other people, and then getting my ears blasted off when I forget to turn it back down with earphones.  

Just a wish!

One Response to “Next Gen. Computer Design Suggestion”

  1. Harold Delk June 14, 2014 at 4:15 pm #

    Here’s an idea; do like I did to solve the problem … I replaced my Dell with a new iMac. Never thought I’d come over to the dark side and I’m never going back. Everything runs more smoothly, faster, and it looks rather cutting-edge too. I was totally shocked by how easily I made the switch and caught on to a totally different OS.

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