VPN Update in Asia

26 Jan


So, reports have been out recently that the VPNs in Asia aren’t working as well as normal.  The reports are definitely true.  Actually the internet in general isn’t working that strongly right now, but that could just be my specific place.  O_o

But in general, Astrill has been causing a lot of problems recently, as have ExpressVPN and VyprVPN.  Astrill is completely uncommunicative on Apple products, which is a bite to a lot of people here at my institution.  I’m not so sure about the others working on Apple, but I know that a lot of PCs and Androids are also having problems.  So far, Astrill is working just fine on my PC, but not all the time on my Samsung DuoS phone and not at all on my IPad.

Astrill says it is attempting to update an app for use in Asia, but we’ll see how it goes. To be honest, I don’t know a lot of VPNS that work well on IOS systems at any time.

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