Corporate Balance Sheet & Income Statement (Automatically Formulated Worksheet with Metrics)

28 Feb

Hey guys!

A while back I posted a sample of a corporate balance sheet to use for informal work (e.g. in a classroom).  Unfortunately, that version was in Document form, rather than in Excel, so you had to do all the calculations yourself. 

This semester, I taught Introduction to Business, wherein students had to complete sample Balance Sheets and Income Statements as part of the ‘intro to accounting’ and ‘finance’ sections in the course. To help with their projects and give them a leg up in the future, I gave them an Excel version of a balance sheet.  

Balance.pngI’ve now expanded this file to include:

  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement
  • Some General Metrics (e.g. Working Capital, Gross Profit Margin, Inventory Turnover).


Features of the file include:

  • Automatic calculations – If you fill in the data you are given, the forms should calculate the totals and metrics automatically
  • In addition to the basic worsheets, each page includes certain ‘answer’ sections. Fill in the information to keep track of details (e.g. Depreciation Type) and to calculate more advanced metrics (e.g. those using average receivables). 
  • Color Coded
    • Pink – Category
    • Yellow – Sub-Category
    • Blue – Total
    • Green – Do Not Fill
    • Orange – Additional Boxes for Tracking Details and Performing Advanced Metrics (Not part of a standard Balance Sheet or Income Statement).


Wherever you see a ‘0’ on the chart – that means it is automatically calculating figures. Don’t type on those boxes or you will erase the formula. Just type in the empty boxes. 

If you are using this for class, it is editable. You can download the file, open it in excel and edit as needed. Just be careful not to disturbed the formulas attached to boxes. I’ve tried to leave blank spaces where I thought it likely additional items may need to be added. 

If the colors bother you or when you want to print, just select all the boxes and go to ‘Highlight’ – None.

Don’t forget to remove anything in the Orange boxes before printing if you use this for a class! The orange boxes are not part of a traditional financial statement – they are there to help you keep track of details and complete the metrics.

The metric formulas are basic and your teacher or tutor may request their own versions of the formulas. So pay attention to the formulas you are given and make sure they match the spreadsheet. 

There may be a few errors. I have checked and double checked, but I was working with huge groups of boxes in the tables. So there may be one or two mistakes. Keep an eye on everything and make sure it all looks correct. If you find an error, please share in the comments and I will try to update it. 


Please remember, this in not intended for Business or Legal professionals. It is a simple worksheet created to help students who are entering Finance and Accounting classes for the first time. So do not rely on it for professional work. Good Luck! 


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