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Giving Blood? Not Today!

25 Apr

Was going to give blood to get my blood type. Got in the car. Then mom explained that they took a whole BAG instead of a vile like at the doctor. Ummmm. No. Back you vampire!

I am hiding my veins from all blood suckers. Test kit from Amazon, here I come. (o,..,o)

My friend: “ It’s an insubstantial amount. Painless. Physiologically cannot make you faint. Don’t be a baby.”

Me: “I am a coward This is a fact. But I live with it.”  

Blood Red Moon

15 Apr


I apologize for the quality; my camera isn’t the best in the dark. But, what a success with the red tint, huh!?! It actually does look really red, even to the naked eye!DSC00680 DSC00682 DSC00686 DSC00688 DSC00691 DSC00693

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