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#Easter Brunch!

16 Apr

Easter Brunch!

Honey-Glazed Ham, Deviled & Colored eggs, Green Beans, Cole Slaw, Rolls, Scalloped Potatos, Drinks and more! My Chinese student Harry came yesterday to cook and craft with me, then today good friends came for the party!

Happy Easter!

Foreign Fooding ~ Making Brown Sugar

18 Dec

As someone who has lived abroad for a while now, I know that finding substitutes can be invaluable for cooking abroad.

In many countries Brown Sugar’s availability is limited to either “Dark Brown Sugar” or no Brown Sugar at all. 

So here is how to make light brown sugar! 

Image result for brown sugar

– Brown sugar is just white sugar + molasses, so it’s pretty easy to create – No substitute needed!

  • 1 Cup of White Sugar
  • 1 Tablespoon of Molasses 

– Dark Brown Sugar contains twice the normal amount of molasses.  

  • Add 1/2 of the Brown Sugar called for via Dark Brown Sugar
  • For the remaining portion, use White Sugar.
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