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Art I Love ~ Letters by Cecile Cowdery

29 Apr

I may have mentioned these before, but I just love this art.  Cecile Cowdery drew on the envelopes of letters to her husband during WW2: “After my first colorful envelope arrived, Ray let me know it had drawn a lot of attention from the other soldiers. From then on, I dared not let up! I drew those scenes to help him feel special. While other soldiers got “Dear John” letters, my man was assured daily by my sharing of remembered things from back home.”

The Head of Aristotle

6 Dec

Wow!  Check out this article about the sale of a Raphael piece of art.

This charcoal drawing, known as the “Head of an Apostle” and drawn by the famous artist Raphaello Sanzio da Urbino, has been part of the Duke of Devonshire’s Chatsworth House’s private collection since the 1700s.  Who wouldn’t want to own a Raphael?

Raphael’s drawings and paintings are amazing works of art. The detail, precision, and naturality of the pictures are always amazing to behold. He also created the famous School of Athens.  That work also depicted Aristotle, along with dozens of other famous philosophers. He styled the philosophers bodies in such a way that they are easily recognizable, a fact that demonstrates the power behind his abilities to communicate through his art.

What an amazing buy!  Great shopping success story 🙂

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