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The European Microstates: The Smallest Powers

19 Mar



The Hundred Years War: A Short Presentation and Handout

19 Mar

This is the helpful handout I passed around. Helps keep things clear(ish)HundredYears War Handout 2.

The Jedburghs: Spies, Espionage, and Sabotage!

29 Jan

Operation Jedburgh:

Spies, Espionage, and Sabotage

WWII was a war unlike any the world had seen before, and not just in the monstrous brutality so viciously enacted in the course of those few years.  There was also the fact that, for the first time in history, this was a war focused upon covert operations and guerrilla warfare.

In other words. . . this was a war of spies.   Continue reading

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