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Words That Should Never Be True

3 Feb

“Children are dying.” Lull nodded. “That’s a succinct summary of humankind, I’d say. Who needs tomes and volumes of history? Children are dying. The injustices of the world hide in those three words.”

**Steven Erikson

Art I Love – Light, Shadow, and War

8 Apr

Light, Shadow, and War by NatMonney

The Hundred Years War: A Short Presentation and Handout

19 Mar

This is the helpful handout I passed around. Helps keep things clear(ish)HundredYears War Handout 2.

Normandy Beach Memorial Sketched in Sand

13 Nov

We’ve all read the history books that quote the facts: Names, Dates, Medals won, Statistics; but it’s hard to really bring those facts to life in all their significance. There have been books, films, radio shows, and pictures that convey portions and glimpses into what the soldiers face, but still something is missing. We have seen the horror in the blood, and the screams, and the war–but we lose track of the Continue reading

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