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California Bar Results

18 May

California Bar Results were publicly Released

Massachusetts Bar Results

28 Apr

Massachusetts Bar results were Released

New York, Virginia, New Hampshire, Ohio Bar Results are Out

24 Apr

New York Results Have been Released

Virginia Results have been Released

 New Hampshire have been Released

Ohio have been Released

South Carolina have been Released

New Mexico, Vermont Bar Results

15 Apr

New Mexico Bar Results are Here.

Vermont Results are Here.

Mississippi Bar Results

12 Apr

Mississippi can be found here.

Washington can be found here.

Tennessee, Kentucky, Montana, Pennsylvania Bar Results are Out

11 Apr

Tennessee are posted here.

Kentucky are posted here.

Montana are posted here.

Pennsylvania are posted here.

Idaho Bar Results Out!

10 Apr

Idaho can be found here.

North Carolina, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Arkansas Bar Results are Out

4 Apr

North Carolina, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Arkansas Bar Results are Out.

  • Oklahoma is here.
  • Kansas is here.
  • Arkansas can be found here.
  • North Carolina’s can be found here.

IL Bar Results are Out!

1 Apr

Illinois Bar Results are out as of April 1, 2014!

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