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Bar Exam Statistic’s Continue

10 Apr

Visit my website here to compare Statistics from February 2013 through February 2016

  • Arkansas –Unknown, Statistics not Shared.
  • Illinois – Unknown, Statistics not shared.
  • Indiana ~ Stats not yet Posted
  • Kansas (50%)Fall of 31.5% from Feb. 2015
  • Kentucky – Unknown, Statistics not yet shared.
  • Montana (67% including those who have not passed the MPRE, 60% if you don’t include them) – Fall of 7%-14% depending on which number they use from Feb. 2015
  • New Mexico (69%) – Fall of 11% from Feb. 2015
  • North Carolina (26% – if you compare applicant list to passing list) – Fall of 17% from Feb. 2015 unless a bunch of people just haven’t taken the MPRE yet (unlikely, but we’ll hope).
  • Oklahoma (69%) – Steady
  • Oregon (60%) – Fall of 4% from Feb. 2015.
  • Pennsylvania (56.3%) – Rise of 5.7% from Feb. 2015
  • Tennessee (51%) – Fall of 3% from Feb. 2015
  • Washington (58.5%) – Fall of 7.2% from Feb. 2015
  • West Virginia (50.4%) – Fall of 17.7% from Feb. 2015

Michigan and Washington, DC Bar Results are Out

7 May

Michigan Results were Released

DC Results were Results

Mississippi Bar Results

12 Apr

Mississippi can be found here.

Washington can be found here.

Bar Exam Results & MPRE Requirements

4 Nov


   For my Law School followers, I’ve added two new pages to the blog.

  • The first is “Bar Exam Results” — Here you can find links to all the officially posted Bar Results (some states don’t post them, and I’ve marked those) and Statistics. This covers all 50 states as well as Guam, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Virgin Islands, and the Northern Mariana Islands. Good Luck!

  • The second is “State MPRE Reqs” — Here I share the minimum passing score for each state and the time limits for when they will accept an MPRE. Did you know that 2 states don’t actually require an MPRE score? Good News!

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