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How to Pass an Exam

8 Dec

Student: Teacher! I did it! Every time I read a question, I thought “What was the big point?” And if it was 100% true, I chose it! Even if there was another that maybe was true!

Me: Yayayayayayayayayayay!!!!!!

**My “A” students have had a difficult time with this. They over-think themselves into exceptions and assume there is a trick. “well. . . but, but, but! It COULD have been diseconomies of scale if the moon was on the left and the sun came up in the west and it was exactly 4pm and the revenue was 0!” We had a very long discussion at review that I do NOT try to trick people. I need EVERYONE to pass! 🤣😄 There is ALWAYS an exception, so focus on the main idea. Finally, one of them got it! Hooray!

Bar Results are Out!

30 Mar

So North Carolina has officially begun mailing out their bar results. They aren’t available online yet, but hopefully will be soon. However, I’m getting confirmation from some people that they have received theirs in the mail.  So keep your fingers crossed. I’ll be checking consistently now to see if those states without dates have posted, so watch the site!

GOOD LUCK! And Congrats to all who passed!


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