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Have You Lost Something Recently?

22 Nov

Did you know that items you lose/leave behind may be turned in to the State Treasury? In fact, a lot of lost property is required to be turned in. And the Treasury office might keep it for quite a while, waiting for you to claim it. On the other hand, the states do auction items off after awhile to raise money.

And we’re not just talking $1 here or there. Some items in the auctions sell for thousands of dollars.  State Treasury Offices can have as much as a $Billion+ in unclaimed property that people have lost and never claimed. It can be physical property or something like an Insurance Refund (my uncle found $120+) or a Payroll (cousin had $28) or other such things.  Each state has a search engine where you look up your name (or a deceased family members name when searching for the estate).  If you don’t find anything there, make sure you try calling the State Treasurer’s office too. Not every state published everything in their possession–some take things down over time or don’t post big items, etc. Then usually you just have to file your claim. Check it out!  Great places to start are MissingMoney and NAUPA; they’re working with a bunch of states at once. 

  1. Alabama

  2. Alaska

  3. Arizona

  4. Arkansas

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Travelling Fails

15 Jan

Travelling Fails

Oops!!  Traveling epic fail.  This poor woman not only went 800+ miles past her destination, she ended up in the wrong country!  Lesson: Don’t put too much trust in your electronics.  Garmin or GPS systems are not thinking beings.  They only compute information that you put into them, and sometimes those computations come out wrong.  The driver must still be aware of where they are going and how they are getting there.  So, stay aware on the road!  Lest you end up in Maine when you meant to be in Mexico City. . .

Bringing Light to the World: A Little Drop of Kindness At A Time

1 Dec

It’s summer, and I’m flying out of Chicago to visit South Korea for the first time.  Chicago is the same as it always is.  People rushing about, bumping into one another, everyone too hurried to stop and think about those around them.  The experience is horrid, the flight via American Airlines not particularly fun.  The attendants are rude and have no time to get me the requested drink, my query as to its location an hour later answered solely with a huff and impatient “just wait a minute.” Arriving at LAX is no more enjoyable; no one will stop so I can ask for directions, the check-in attendants ignore all my questions.  Getting slammed into and having people walk all over my stuff as I tried picking it up doesn’t help any.  

But everything changes once I move in Korean Air’s territory.

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