Soda v. Pop: 22 Maps that Show Language Differences in US

5 Jun

Soda v. Pop: 22 Maps that Show Language Differences in US

This is pretty awesome!!


7 Foot Floating Head

25 Apr

7 Foot Floating Head

0_0. . . 

Mom, Dad, guess what I found!  This is seriously a story to be told. LOL


Psy(chology): Not the True Korea

19 Apr

Psy(chology): Not the True Korea


The Singer Psy

Take a moment and go check out this article: “Psy’s new track ‘Gentleman’ Banned in South Korea.  Yep, that’s right Psy has made another video.  Brings back traumatic memories of a certain song being stuck in your head for days when every radio, club, restaurant, and Wal-Mart was airing it.  

The first video “Gangnam Style” was so popular, it drove searches for South Korea through the roof.  I was living in the Gangnam (aka Kangnam) area when the song first came out. Previously, when friends asked where I was, I had to explain carefully where Korea was; trying to explain “South” Korea usually was more than they cared to get.  But suddenly, everyone know where the country was. Korea was popular, the entire nation Continue reading


A Mermaid Tail Come True!

3 Apr

A Mermaid Tail Come True!


You can’t see me, but I’m secretly squealing inside. . . . Eeeeeeee!!!!!

This woman is an honest-to-God mermaid (okay so she hasn’t mastered the whole breathing under water, and she is notedly missing a particular flounder fish at her side, but still!).  She used to work in college offices, now she swims underwater with a beautiful, gem-stone encrusted mermaid tale.   I’m just waiting for her to announce her marriage to the mermaid prince!  This definitely goes on my list of all time favorite unique jobs! 🙂


He Signed the First Atomic Bomb

8 Mar

He Sign the First Atomic Bomb

Hats off to some of the most brilliant and determined people of a generation.  Whether or not you agree with the dropping of the bomb, you have to admit that it took guts and changed our future forever.  I can’t imaging having the courage to even get close to the thing, much less put my name on it!  Personally, I’d have been in the country over (or perhaps Brazil. . . somewhere very far away!


Better Picture (Sadly not my own)

21 Jan

Better Picture (Sadly not my own)

See, I’m not making this up! 🙂  Here is Samapicture‘s version, which is awesome!  What pictures did you all come up with?


Do You Know Your Wine Glasses Protocol?

21 Jan

Do You Know Your Wine Glasses Protocol?

I have long been undeservedly proud of myself for knowing which utensil was the salad fork.  I was blessed with the opportunity to learn proper dinner manners many years ago in that lovely mid-western group known as 4-H, and I have proudly shown it off ever since.  But today, I learn that I am still manner-stupid.  Apparently, I have been using the wrong wine glasses the whole time!   I’m pretty sure I’ve been putting the red wine in the white wine glass. 0_0  What to do, what to do!!

While we’re speaking of it, do you know proper wine glass protocol?  Or have you been putting the Champagne in the Sherry glass?  Hmmm?!?


O_O Whales older than Moby Dick!

20 Jan

O_O Whales older than Moby Dick!

So fascinating!  Did you know that there are whales still alive today who were already old when Moby Dick was written?  I wonder what they would have thought about that horrid story?  I feel like this is revenge against my English teachers who made me read that book. At last! Moby Dick is just a stupid rascal of a whale who probably didn’t listen to his elders and ended up in a horrible book.  Mwahahahah!  Ok, off my rant now, but this is still interesting!


Travelling Fails

15 Jan

Travelling Fails

Oops!!  Traveling epic fail.  This poor woman not only went 800+ miles past her destination, she ended up in the wrong country!  Lesson: Don’t put too much trust in your electronics.  Garmin or GPS systems are not thinking beings.  They only compute information that you put into them, and sometimes those computations come out wrong.  The driver must still be aware of where they are going and how they are getting there.  So, stay aware on the road!  Lest you end up in Maine when you meant to be in Mexico City. . .


A little too much fun!

15 Jan

A little too much fun!

Woah!  And I thought it was amazing when the drunk driver drove his car into the second story of a barn.  This might actually trump that though!  What do you get for taking a train on a joy ride?

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