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Life is Beautiful 🌼 #GoodDays

2 Sep

Awww – sweet guy at Starbucks wrote this for me!


19 Jan
Panda slippers

New Panda Slippers

So, these may very well not be the chicest things I have ever worn, but I absolutely love my new panda bear slippers! (Only $1.30! so awesome!!)  But, while I would love to show off these darling panda faces (who could say “no” to those toes?!?), it is what they made me think about that is more important.  I was sitting there, admiring my darling purchase, when I watched some lovely young woman stand in line at the food court.

She had it all: the leather boots, fitted pants, elegant shirt/vest, lovely scarf swept fashionably across her shoulder, hair styled perfectly. However, the two friends with  her were far more dressed-down. One was wearing her college sweats with Ugg boots and an old sweatshirt; the other had on some blue jeans, a Superman t-shirt, and bright neon pink tennies.    The comfortable-clothes wearing girls were laughing, chatting, and having a wonderful time.  Meanwhile, ms. style-queen was just standing there, saying nothing, and staring at them as though through a wall.  I didn’t even realize they were together until the other two turned and tried to engage her in conversation.  Even then, she just seemed distant.  And while I watched ms. style-queen, I couldn’t help but think that I would rather have my amazing panda bear slippers, my neon blue sunglasses, my winnie-the-pooh t-shirt, and my crazy personality, than be that seemingly perfect woman.

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