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My New Friend!

30 Mar


Picked up this little guy at the Buddha Temple in PingDingShan as my souvenir; isn’t he colorful? He makes me happy 🙂

Look Out! Transformers Walk the Earth :P

26 Sep



Kids love this big robot that sits at the local grocery store here 🙂

Building 63 Wax Museum

26 Jun


Had a lot of fun running through Building 63’s Wax Museum.  It was the first time I had visited one of the wax houses, so I was kind of fascinated to see what they looked like.  A lot of the statues were surprisingly realistic!  I was also startled to find that it had a lot of artifacts attached, like signed guitars and CDs from famous musicians and bands; John Wayne’s hat; etc.  

The building also offers a Horror Chamber with creepy and spooky sights! 🙂  Oh, and there is a stand that let’s you make a WAX copy of your own hand!  Then you can color it after it is done! It was a really fun place to wander through, I’d definitely recommend it to parents with kids or to couples.  You can take pictures with the famous people!!

Address:  63 building, 60 Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul  Continue reading

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