Brrrr…. -58 degrees!!

21 Dec

Brrrr…. -58 degrees in Russia!!

Wow, according to this article Russia is seeing weather approaching -58 degree Fahrenheit. I thought seeing my first ever blizzard was pretty amazing (which actually, it was–I kept thinking of the “Little House on the Prairie” books 😛 ), but that is nothing compared to what these people are going through.

I cannot imagine actually being alive in weather that cold.  It is the coldest winter in 70 years?  Makes global warming seem a little far-fetched with record cold like this.  How can the world be getting warmer, if we are experiencing temperatures like this?

On the other hand, I bet their snowmen will last forever!  Makes going out and building one that much more worthwhile.  But that raises the question of who actually wants to go outside in -58 degree temps to build a snowman. . . oh alright me!  Cold weather always excites me!  🙂

I think this dude shares my love of cold, how awesome is that trick?!?

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