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Winter Storm Tonight

26 Jan

Lucky Us! Iowa is currently being hit with winds of up to 50 MPH and more snow. Yippee! Sometimes the wind is so strong, the snow is blowing straight sideways instead of down. As in a straight line side to side.  Snow isn’t falling here, it’s blowing past!


Brrrr…. -58 degrees!!

21 Dec

Brrrr…. -58 degrees in Russia!!

Wow, according to this article Russia is seeing weather approaching -58 degree Fahrenheit. I thought seeing my first ever blizzard was pretty amazing (which actually, it was–I kept thinking of the “Little House on the Prairie” books 😛 ), but that is nothing compared to what these people are going through.

I cannot imagine actually being alive in weather that cold.  It is the coldest winter in 70 years?  Makes global warming seem a little far-fetched with record cold like this.  How can the world be getting warmer, if we are experiencing temperatures like this?

On the other hand, I bet their snowmen will last forever!  Makes going out and building one that much more worthwhile.  But that raises the question of who actually wants to go outside in -58 degree temps to build a snowman. . . oh alright me!  Cold weather always excites me!  🙂

I think this dude shares my love of cold, how awesome is that trick?!?

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