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Involuntary #Sports! (hint – I came out victorious!) #USA!

7 Mar

That moment where going home from work, you become an involuntary participant in the winter Olympics. . . . Ice Slip & Slide Gold Champion – that’s me! * This is why Changchun is home to China’s Olympic Ice Skating team. . .


“In the Wild North”

19 Dec


“East of the Sun & West of the Moon”

9 Mar

Based upon the story of Cupid & Psyche, this wintery legend has been around for centuries. . . A Beautiful Tale, it suits the season 🙂  I got this particular version from Andrew Lang’s “The Blue Fairy Book” (1965)

“The Polar Bear King” by Hurricane Kerrie



Once upon a time there was a poor husbandman who had many children and little to give them in the way either of food or clothing. They were all pretty, but the prettiest of all was the youngest daughter, who was so beautiful that there were no bounds to her beauty.

So once–it was late on a Thursday evening in autumn, and wild weather outside, terribly dark, and raining so heavily and blowing so hard that the walls of the cottage shook again–they were all sitting together by the fireside, each of them busy with something or other, when suddenly some one rapped three times against the window- pane. The man went out to see what could be the matter, and when he got out there stood a great big white bear.

“Good-evening to you,” said the White Bear.

“Good-evening,” said the man.

“Will you give me your youngest daughter?” said the White Bear; “if you will, you shall be as rich as you are now poor.

Truly the man would have had no objection to be rich, but he thought to himself: “I must first ask my daughter about this,” so he went in and told them that there was a great white bear outside who had faithfully promised to make them all rich if he might but have the youngest daughter.

She said no, and would not hear of it; so the man went out again, and settled with the White Bear that he should come again next Thursday evening, and get her answer. Then the man persuaded her, and talked so much to her about the wealth that they would have, and what a good thing it would be for herself, that at last she made up her mind to go, and washed and mended all her rags, made herself as smart as she could, and held herself in readiness to set out. Little enough had she to take away with her.

Next Thursday evening the White Bear came to fetch her. She seated herself on his back with her bundle, and thus they departed. When they had gone a great part of the way, the White Bear said: “Are you afraid?” Continue reading

Snow Dumped

17 Feb



My Porch at Present

Winter Storm Tonight

26 Jan

Lucky Us! Iowa is currently being hit with winds of up to 50 MPH and more snow. Yippee! Sometimes the wind is so strong, the snow is blowing straight sideways instead of down. As in a straight line side to side.  Snow isn’t falling here, it’s blowing past!

New FB Page Idea

20 Jan

New FB Page Idea—All people really, really, really tired of snow. I’ll be the first member!

FYI Evil Weatherman– that 8/10 of an inch was a LIE!  A dad-gum, filthy, no-good lie told to raise my spirits and then crush them under the weight of 2 inches of unforcasted snow.  I am seriously displeased.  And considering a lawsuit based on the intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Jan. 20 Snow Storm

Sunset on the Ice

24 Dec

And yes, these are all real-sparkles. No Photoshopping or Picture Modification. It looked like the trees were filled with diamonds!


♬ It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Winter! ♫

11 Nov

Look out, it’s officially the second snow of the year! And this time it’s supposed to actually stick! Woot! School Out days are on their way!

We went from this last week:


To This This Week:


The First Snow

19 Mar

🙂 Here is a short poem I wrote in honor of winter wrapping up.  While I always enjoy the first snow, I’m about ready for spring!


A picture of our first snow here in Iowa

As the first winter snow starts falling down,
It covers her hair with a crystal crown.
Sparkling white diamonds covering her clothes,
Bring pink to her cheeks, and rose to her nose.
The world seems to stop, as she passes it by,
The whistling wind croons to the sky.
The roads are all quiet, the businesses closed
The park, like a picture, is prettily posed.
Suddenly out come the children with joy,
Laughter and shouts come from each girl and boy.
As three find a sled, and four the best hill,
they slide and they slide, till each has his fill.
The houses are lit, their warmth shining bright,
To neighbors and family who visit this night.
She walks down the lane and watches it all,
Storing memories and smiles to later recall.
Her steps in the snow as she walks up the lane,
Leave the first mark on a pure snowy plain.
A home of her own is waiting ahead,
With family, and fire, and chocolate, and bed.
As the first winter snow starts falling down,
It covers her hair with a crystal crown.
Sparkling white diamonds covering her clothes,
Bring pink to her cheeks, and rose to her nose.

Zorbing–As deadly as it looks

9 Jan

Zorbing–As deadly as it looks

I had no earthly idea that Zorbing was even a thing.  Much less a recognized sport.  However, I think I’ll postpone trying it for a while.  Not unless I have walls guarding my every way down the mountain.  Who would have thought it could go so badly off course!   

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