Entering Door County, Wisconsin

28 Sep
Door County

We’re Off to Door County, WI!

My mom’s birthday pretty much rocks! Not just because it’s the birthday of the most awesome person ever (Seriously, I got the best mom possible); although that’s pretty sweet. 🙂  I’m also excited because it’s vacation time!  See, my mom and her sister have birthdays one week apart (Sept. 27 and Oct. 6) and there is always one weekend in between. To celebrate, , my mom, my aunt, and I go on vacation to somewhere cool over the weekend.  Admittedly, a couple years it was just a visit to my aunt’s summer cabin where we played cards and other games, but it’s always a pretty awesome trip.  Usually we end up going out of town and heading out to travel the midwest.  We’ve been to dozens of gardens (they’re both HUGE gardeners and I’m a flower photographer), shopping towns, historical areas, festivals, craft shows, and more. We do a little Christmas shopping, catch a few cultural sites, eat great food, get away from home, and pick up thanksgiving pumpkins and decorations on the trip home from some local farmer’s shop.  These trips have fueled some of my greatest memories!  

Door County

Here’s a map!

Well, this year we decided to go up to Door County in Wisconsin since I had never seen the great lakes and they both said this was a great place to check out.  If you don’t know where it is (I’d never heard of it), Door County is that funny little finger of WI up near Green Bay (go Packers!) and sticks out between Lake Michigan and Green Bay.  We even got a room that overlooks the bay so I can’t wait to get sunrise photos tomorrow.  It took us pretty much all day today to drive up, but boy was it beautiful. The sun was shining, the water was blue, and the area is stunning.  Check out some of the pics! I’ll post later with our adventures travelling around. Right now, we’ve just arrived and checked-in (and for supper I’ve started my whirlwind tour of Wisconsin’s cheese curds–so good!) But tomorrow we start adventuring!  So excited!

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    […] things I got to experience at Door County.  I already hit on some of this before in my “I’ve arrived“ post on the trip up there, but for clarity’s sake I’ll touch on some of it […]

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