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Lanterns in the Water

19 Feb

LIghts 2


Color Coordinated

20 Jan


Flying Mobula Rays! Stunning!

29 May

I didn’t know mobula rays flew like that. They don’t seem to be going forward as much as straight up and down.  It’s like they enjoy belly-flopping! I would love to see this

Art I Love: Rainwater Mosaic

24 May

Art I Love – “Urban Mirror”

20 May
Urban Mirror - View of a historic building reflected in water on the ground

“Urban Mirror” by Andrea Gracis Photography

Entering Door County, Wisconsin

28 Sep
Door County

We’re Off to Door County, WI!

My mom’s birthday pretty much rocks! Not just because it’s the birthday of the most awesome person ever (Seriously, I got the best mom possible); although that’s pretty sweet. 🙂  I’m also excited because it’s vacation time!  See, my mom and her sister have birthdays one week apart (Sept. 27 and Oct. 6) and there is always one weekend in between. To celebrate, , my mom, my aunt, and I go on vacation to somewhere cool over the weekend. Continue reading

Gorgeous Day!

1 Sep

Tomorrow I’ll post about my hilarious Labor Day adventures as I set off with Rambling Roberta the Garmin set to “shortest route” on my way home.  But for now, here are a couple pics of the glorious day that was today!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


Jet Skiers Having Fun (2)

23 Jun

Part 2 of the Jet Skiers Video


Jet Skiers having fun

22 Jun

Went to the Han River and got the opportunity to enjoy these Jet Skiers enjoying themselves

Cooking with Peanut Butter

12 Feb

Random cooking lesson of the day!  If you ever need to cook with peanut butter (i.e. Heath Peanut Butter Cookies), and you have to measure it out of a jar, don’t bother messing with it straight up.  You’ll only find yourself losing time while trying to get it to quit sticking to your measuring spoon.  The easiest way is to coat the measuring cup/spoon with water first.  Just run it through some water before scooping.  This won’t affect your recipe, but the peanut butter slides out a lot easier!  Cool huh?!?

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