Problem #1 in “The Blonde Life”

27 Apr

Problem #1 in “The Blonde Life” ~ Especially for women:

The fact that Computer technicians immediately ignore everything you could possibly tell them.  

I was raised at the knee of an uncle who built computers for a living.  Dells, Toshiba–just about everything except an Apple.  He arranged for my internet early on in the Dial-Up process, and I’ve been off on my own ever since.  

Now I’m not a computer wizard, but I can stumble around one pretty well.  So when my computer recently decided to permanently dis-able the task scheduler  (what let’s System Restore, Defragmenter, Updates, McAfee, and lots of other things update and run properly), I knew what I was talking about to diagnose it to the technician.

You’d have thought I was asking them how to press the “power” button.   I tell him the problem is with the task scheduler, and name all the problems happening. He manually forces Windows Update to run and then says, “NOW, isn’t it running better?” In about 5 clicks I prove that everything is still broken. He didn’t test anything related to the task scheduler, even though I told him that’s what the error message said was wrong.  Thankfully, this time the error message was right in front of his nose.  I had also told him that resetting it back to factory setting wasn’t working because files were missing.  Twice I tell him this. So what does he ask me to do? Reset it back to factory settings.  Um. . . . . . Dude. 

So what did we conclude?  Task Scheduler isn’t working, and files are missing. They’ll send me to CD to re-install windows. One hour to reach a conclusion I already explained to them in the beginning.  And it isn’t just Dell, I’ve gotten it from the Best Buy dudes, Toshiba, Microsoft, School fix-it geeks, and Technical Support from around the web.  

It’s like “Blonde” means “Computer Illiterate” by nature or something.  Obviously, they’ve never seen Nolan Ross in “Revenge”

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