Book Recommendation: “The Amelia Peabody Series”

4 May

Amelia Peabody Series:
by Elizabeth Peters

“A dismal silence fell. “It looks bad,” Cyrus muttered. “Now what do we do?”
Everyone looked at me. It was most gratifying.”

Elizabeth Peters’ wonderfully comedic series is one of my all-time favorite historical reads ~ I have most of the books, and I love re-reading them all.  Amelia herself is a snarky, but practical feminist; she insists the men dress up for dinner, but strides through ancient tombs in her self-designed pant suits.  A woman determined to survive on her own, Amelia takes off alone on an adventure round the world to the utter horror of her family members. It isn’t clear who is more surprised when she then falls in love with a determined, but surprisingly romantic Emerson–her or her disapproving brother.  

Together the newly-weds  task themselves with unearthing and carefully preserving the relics of ancient Egypt–curses, murders, and mysteries not-withstanding.  Joining them are their closest friends; an uncontrollable, but sharp daughter; their impossible, but brilliant son; and any number of cats and creatures that they adopt.  Between Amelia’s determination to let no man,  Thief, or Ghostly Apparition stand in her way; Emerson’s larger-than-life personality; and Ramses constant manipulation of every order his mother ever gave, the series caries on. It charms me, humors me, touches my heart, and drags me along in mysteries that I often can’t figure out until the very end. Rarely has a series this long held my attention and love so well.  Great read!

“In the silence I heard Bastet, who had retreated under the bed, carrying on a mumbling, profane monologue. (If you ask how I knew it was profane, I presume you have never owned a cat.)”




(1) “Crocodile on the Sandbank” *
(2) “The Curse of the Pharaohs” *
(3) “The Mummy Case”
(4) “Lion in the Valley”
(5) “Deeds of the Disturber”
(6) “The Last Camel Died at Noon”
(7) “The Snake, The Crocodile, and The Dog”
(8) “The Hippopotamus Pool”
(9) “Seeing a Large Cat”
(10) “The Ape Who Guards the Balance”
(11) “Guardian of the Horizon”
(12) “A River in the Sky”
(13) “The Falcon at the Portal”
(14) “He Shall Thunder in the Sky”
(15) “Lord of the Silent”
(16) “The Golden One”
(17) “Children of the Storm”
(18) “The Serpent on the Crown”
(19) “Tomb of the Golden Bird”

* Personal Favorite


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