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Book Recommendation: “The Amelia Peabody Series”

4 May

Amelia Peabody Series:
by Elizabeth Peters

“A dismal silence fell. “It looks bad,” Cyrus muttered. “Now what do we do?”
Everyone looked at me. It was most gratifying.”

Elizabeth Peters’ wonderfully comedic series is one of my all-time favorite historical reads ~ I have most of the books, and I love re-reading them all.  Amelia herself is a snarky, but practical feminist; she insists the men dress up for dinner, but strides through ancient tombs in her self-designed pant suits.  A woman determined to survive on her own, Amelia takes off alone on an adventure round the world to the utter horror of her family members. It isn’t clear who is more surprised when she then falls in love with a determined, but surprisingly romantic Emerson–her or her disapproving brother.   Continue reading

Blackmore’s Night ~ Ghost of a Rose

3 May

The Legend (“Legend of the First King’s Four Gods”) ~ OST “Eternal Love”

29 Apr

 Great Drama! The lead is always excellent, the show was well-written, and the music stunning.   You can find a translated version of the drama here

Davichi ~ Hot Stuff

26 Apr

“Even if the world is sometimes tiring and boring. . . . Because You’re with me, it’s sweet.”

Art I Love – Never Let Me Go

1 Feb

“Never Let Me Go” by Christabelle LaMort

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