Random Lit. Crit. Question ~ The Sleeping Beauty Fairies

28 Jun

Random Question:

Have you every wondered what Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) would have been like had the fairies not given their birthday presents? Would she have been ugly, stupid, a horrible singer, nonspiritual, ungraceful, unmusical, and unhappy? Or were a couple of those wishes wasted on her? I suddenly had this mental image of wondering how she changed after their wishes. Was she a bald baby that suddenly grew a full head of hair? Were her teething cries suddenly full-on choreographed musical numbers? What was the REAL Aurora like?

Were these changes really any good for her?  Perhaps she would not have married Philip and enchanted the birds, but did she suddenly lose her original soulmate by no longer being likely to stumble into his path?  Or would Philip have fallen for her anyway?  Does this mean that Philip was really more shallow than we thought, if he needed a perfect princess to fall in love?  I mean, it’s no wonder he fell at first musical chord.  And if she lost her first soulmate (the one who loved the original her), does this mean she stole Philip’s soulmate?  The one that was made for him before the fairies changed Aurora’s life?

Other than saving her life, how did they change her future? And did her mother miss the original Aurora? Taking the story way too seriously, but that’s what you get with an English major. 🙂

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