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Words That Should Never Be True

3 Feb

“Children are dying.” Lull nodded. “That’s a succinct summary of humankind, I’d say. Who needs tomes and volumes of history? Children are dying. The injustices of the world hide in those three words.”

**Steven Erikson

In Memorial

8 Sep

In memorial for EunB (21) and RiSe (23), members of the Korean band “Ladies Code.”  The band was involved in an accident on Sept. 3, when their van lost a tire and crashed into the guardrail/protective rail.  EunB was pronounced DOA, with her funeral on Sept. 5.  RiSe passed away today after an extensive surgery had to be halted due to complications.  It’s amazing and tragic how quickly these types of things can happen.  So in honor of these girls who contributed their own part to the growing culture of K-Pop, God bless you and your families. 

Weekly Rant ~ The Value of Human Lives

28 Jun

Human lives are NOT commodities. They are not objects to be tossed aside, to be massacred, or to be played off against one another. They are not slaves, sex toys, or punching bags. These are LIVES. . . emotions, experiences, memories, passions, fire and hope and amazement. If I hear of one more senseless slaughter, one more mutilated woman, one more bullied kid, one more teen suicide, one more child abuse case, or one more sex ring news article, I think I might just sit down and weep. When will people realize how important we all are? When will they stop thinking about themselves and their self-gratification and their need for power, popularity, swag, control, and money long enough to realize what they are destroying? Where is our humanity? Sorry, but I just skimmed the news headlines. Depressing, so very depressing.

“Culture Blaming and Stereotyping in the South Korean Ferry Tragedy”

27 Apr

Great Article talking about the victim-blaming going on in the news right now.  The Korean culture is a beautiful thing; the fact that there were so many heroic kids, some as young as 6, mature enough to think through helping one another speaks well of the culture, their parents, and them.  These were great, smart, amazing children.  They have my respect.  **DB

“Culture Blaming and Stereotyping in the South Korean Ferry Tragedy”

by Kai Ma via “TIME.com”

A nation grieves, a nation is blamed.

It’s a story that gets more tragic by the hour. The Sewolferry, carrying 476 passengers, mostly youth from one high school in Ansan, South Korea, capsized last Wednesday while en route to Jeju Island. Shortly after the sinking, 174 passengers were rescued. More than a week later, at the time of this writing, 175 are confirmed dead; 127 are missing.

It’s also a story that’s downright mystifying. A captain that jumped ship. Untouched lifeboats. Orders to stay put as the vessel rolled. As bodies continue to be pulled from the sea, and as families desperately seek answers, the Sewol disaster has created a cultural flashpoint, forcing many to ask, “Who is to blame?” Continue reading

Tragic Korean Ferry Crash

16 Apr

I’m sure most of you already heard about this, but there was a huge ferry crash off the coast of Seoul.  Almost 300 people are missing, including many high school students. They were on a field trip to Jeju Island. Jeju is not just the #1 most popular destination for South Koreans, it is one of the most beautiful islands in the Pacific. As far as it’s role as a travel destination, it rivals Hawaii for Asian tourists.  So basically, this happened on a dream-trip to the ultimate vacation spot. What makes it worse is that it didn’t sink quickly.  Students had enough time to start sending messages to their parents, sending farewell messages and reminding them of their love.  The devastation here is just unspeakable.  

I know that nothing we say can help any of the families right now, but I wanted all of them to know that they have our prayers and thoughts right now.  We will be waiting for the news right alongside you, and we are sending you as much love and long-distant hugs as we can.  God bless you, and know that you and your family members are being prayed or as we speak.

“Nine Dead, 287 Missing in Ferry Sinking Off Southwestern Coast”

“At least Nine people were killed, with the fate of 287 others unknown, in the Sinking of a South Korean Ferry off the country’s Southwestern Coast, officials said Early Thursday. As Military Divers and other Rescuers Resumed a Desperate search for survivors Shortly after noon, Recovered Two More bodies were, the Coast Guard announced.The death toll is feared to Soar, as search-and-rescue Efforts have been hampered by swift currents, low temperature and low Visibility.Sewol The 6,825-ton, heading to the Jeju Island with 475 people on board, capsized after sending a distress call at around 8:58 am Wednesday (Korea time). Two hours and 20 minutes Completely SANK it later. Passengers include Ansan Danwon 375 students and 14 Teachers from High School, who were on a Four-Day Field trip to the Island. Among them, 179 have been rescued. Remains The exact reason for the Sinking Reports Suggest UNCONFIRMED but that it might have an Underwater Hit rock.Rescuers say many of the passengers and crew seem to have been trapped in the vessel.Authorities plan to START Working to Recover the Sunken vessel as Early as Friday. Sent by Some text messages were students at the time of Sinking Public MADE. “Mom, I am sending this as I may have no chance to say. I love you!” Read a message. teary Families of the missing have been restlessly waiting for follow-up at the Paengmok Port Reports in Jindo, South Jeolla Province, the Nearest port from the Ship SANK WHERE. Immediately after Receiving a BRIEFING on the incident, South Korean President Park Geun-Hye ordered all-out search-and-rescue Efforts by relevant authorities, According to her Office. Park was quoted as saying her heart is Breaking What could be One of the Worst over in South Korea during peacetime tragedies.Prime Minister Chung Hong-won hurried to Jindo to meet the families of the passengers. He faced a Barrage of Fierce Protests from many Families Upset About a delay in rescue Efforts. The USNAVY’s Seventh Fleet also has Sent a Ship with helicopters on board to join the Operation. Meanwhile, the U.S. government offered its condolences.”We extend Our deepest condolences to the loved Ones of those who Lost their lives on board the South Korea Ferry, the Sewol, “Marie Harf, the State Department’s deputy spokeswoman, said at the Beginning of her Daily Press BRIEFING in Washington DC The U.S. is ready to Provide any Necessary Assistance, she Added. She also noted the U.S. 7th Fleet has Joined the Operation. “The USS Bonhomme Richard has Moved to the Area to Assist the government of South Korea with the search and rescue operations … We are ready to Help in any Way we can, “Harf said. . . . .”

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