Adding Paypal Button to Widget

28 Oct

Now that I have 5+ blogs and 3 website going, keeping everything is starting to take more time and money to cover website maintenance.  I decided to add a Paypal “Donate” button to a couple of the social blogs for those people gracious enough to volunteer to help out.

Unfortunately, the process of adding a “Donate” button was rather more confusing than I expected it to be.  I assumed that you simply created the button on Paypal and then copied the code, but it took a few more steps.

There is a page dedicated to the subject, but it mostly works from the focus of adding the button to a post or page.  Not as a widget.  This one from me is dedicated to the Widgets 🙂


1.  Go to your WordPress blog and open up “Widgets.”

2. Click and Drag an “Image” Widget onto your Sidebar.

3. Give it whatever Widget title you want ~ e.g. Help Keep the Site Going ❤

4. Now add in the Image URL (This is the URL address for the image you want to act as the link.)  If you want a PayPal “Buy Now” Button enter this address:  If you want a PayPal “Donate” Button enter this address:  These automatically show credit card images too – if you don’t like this, you will need to customize the button image in the next step.  Then right click on the image you choose, and select Copy Image URL.

5. Go to Paypal’s “Build a Button” page.  You can get there two ways.  1. Click this link and just sign in to Paypal via the last part of Step 1.  Or 2. Sign in to your Paypal Account ->  Click “Selling Tools” on the Left Side of your Account Page -> Choose “Create Payment Buttons for Your Website” -> “Create a Button”

2. Choose your Button Type.

3.  Click “Create Button.”

4.  You CANNOT use the “Website” code!!!  Instead click “Email” and copy that code.

5. Go back to your WordPress Image Widget .  Put the Email Code into the box “Link URL.”

6. Save the Widget!

7. Tada!  You have a new Paypal Button! 🙂


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