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Adding Paypal Button to Widget

28 Oct

Now that I have 5+ blogs and 3 website going, keeping everything is starting to take more time and money to cover website maintenance.  I decided to add a Paypal “Donate” button to a couple of the social blogs for those people gracious enough to volunteer to help out.

Unfortunately, the process of adding a “Donate” button was rather more confusing than I expected it to be.  I assumed that you simply created the button on Paypal and then copied the code, but it took a few more steps.

There is a page dedicated to the subject, but it mostly works from the focus of adding the button to a post or page.  Not as a widget.  This one from me is dedicated to the Widgets 🙂


1.  Go to your WordPress blog and open up “Widgets.”

2. Click and Drag an “Image” Widget onto your Sidebar.

3. Give it whatever Widget title you want ~ e.g. Help Keep the Site Going ❤ Continue reading

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