Sharing the Power!

7 Nov
Proud moment in the #LifeofLiv!  Today I taught the Chinese staff at my school how to draw an ampersand (&) symbol.
Me (in writing) 👱‍♀️: It belong to SCM (supply chain) 1 & 2.
Staff girl 👩: What is the ‘&’ mean?
Me 👱‍♀️: It’s a symbol – it means ‘and’
Staff girl 👩: You can write that! I thought it was only on computers.
Me 👱‍♀️: Here, I’ll show you. 😁
Staff girl shares the knowledge with other staff. They all start going crazy, writing it on the students sheets. By the end of the exam, they were all using it. 😂😆
If I die tonight, I know my life had meaning!

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