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Business Symbols & Abbreviations

18 Oct

Common Business, Economics, and Finance

Symbols & Abbreviations



Symbol & Abbreviation Meaning
Δ Change or Difference (ΔQ means the change in Quantity Demanded from time 1 to time 2
+ Plus, Rise, Goes Up, Increases, Add
Minus, Fall, Goes Down, Decreases, Subtract
QD Quantity Demanded (The number of products the consumers want and can purchase)
QS Quantity Supplied (The number of products the suppliers have available on the market)
P Profit
p price
± Plus or Minus. (QS = ±3 means that QS can either go up or down 3 depending on what you changed).
X < Y X is less than Y
X > Y X is more than Y | X is greater than Y
X the Vertical line on a graph
Y the Horizontal line on a graph


English Short-Hand

20 Sep


For those of you who are reading English notes from teachers or trying to understand handouts 🙂 Americans use a lot of short-hand or abbreviations. Here is what some of those symbols mean!  Although Maximum should be Max.

TESOL Abbreviations

8 Jun

TESOL ~ Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Situations where English is taught as an L2 or where it is taught as a foreign Language.

ESOL (English for Speakers of other languages)

ELT (English Language Teaching)

EMT (English as a Mother Tongue)

ESL (English as a Second Language ~English is being taught and learned in countries, contexts, and cultures in which English is the predominant language of communication)

EFL (English as a Foreign Language ~ English is neither widely used for communication, not used as the medium of instruction)

EWL (English as a World Language)

ESP (English for a Specific Purpose)

EAP (English for Academic Purposes)

EST (English for Science and Technology)

SLA ~ Second Language Aquisition

L1 ~ English as a First Language

L2 ~ English as a Second Language

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