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Dance-Off Party

12 Dec

These are my amazing students! As part of our Business Negotiations class, I asked them to prepare a group dance. They had to work together and we voted on who had the best dance. There were some GREAT ideas here, and I was really proud of them. Make sure you watch the last dance!


Happy Teacher Day!

11 Sep


September 10th was Teacher’s Day in China, the day students and administration recognize their teachers for all the hard work and efforts.  I’m always impressed by how many students actually take the time to stop and tell me thanks or Happy Teacher’s day – yesterday, my entire class stood up and wished me a great day!  It really is a great time for teachers and student to connect, reaching out to one another.  Personally, I believe it is also a great day for teachers to reach out to the students and thank them for being so attentive and working so hard for them.  I always like to stop and tell them how much I appreciate their time and efforts, and to let them know I respect them for actually working with me instead of cheating their way through.   

I really do have great students!  

DSC_0128[1] DSC_0127[1]

Friendly Faces!

8 Sep

I’m teaching at the Kindergarten here at SIAS for over-time, and here are some of my adorable students!

Couldn’t be more Proud

28 Nov

My Finance Students in their Graduation Photo. ❤

I’ve just spent the last week working for hours and hours with some of my students to get their papers finished. One of my students told me it was the first time a teacher had ever told him good job, and another said he had never worked so hard on an assignment. In the end, I’ve never been so impressed or proud as I have been of these people. They work their butts off trying to not only comprehend difficult subjects, but also to explain it back to you in a completely foreign language. And after looking at the finished works tonight, I could almost cry I’m so happy. They got it! and they wrote it! and they even added in some really great ideas for the solutions part, things that I wouldn’t even have thought of. So tonight I want the world to know that my students rock and I love them all!

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