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Funnel Cake & Cultural Differences 😂

26 Jul

My #Chinese student said #funnelcakes looks like chicken feet 😂😂😂😂

From the Fashionista’s Kitchen

25 May


These little shoes are adorable! ~ Great for a stylin’ birthday party, girl’s night party, or even a bridal shower!



High Heel Cupcakes


Delicious Desserts!

14 Feb

Drinking Red Wine animated emoticonDelicious desserts at a small restaurant in Japan.  It was actually attached to a little shop beside our home station; and we ran in for some lunch before a movie.  The signs all pointed to it being a omelette shop (Japan has many restaurants that serve lunch and dinner omelette), and we thought it’d be another mom & pop place. Instead it was incredibly fancy and the dinner was arranged prettily and with elegance 🙂 Luxury in Excess!


Do You Know Your Wine Glasses Protocol?

21 Jan

Do You Know Your Wine Glasses Protocol?

I have long been undeservedly proud of myself for knowing which utensil was the salad fork.  I was blessed with the opportunity to learn proper dinner manners many years ago in that lovely mid-western group known as 4-H, and I have proudly shown it off ever since.  But today, I learn that I am still manner-stupid.  Apparently, I have been using the wrong wine glasses the whole time!   I’m pretty sure I’ve been putting the red wine in the white wine glass. 0_0  What to do, what to do!!

While we’re speaking of it, do you know proper wine glass protocol?  Or have you been putting the Champagne in the Sherry glass?  Hmmm?!?

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