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Art I Love – Owlivia

13 May

I like this one not only for it’s style but because it shares my name 😛

“Owlivia” by Kutty-Sark


Eagle Steals Baby!

19 Dec

Holy cow! I’ve heard of eagles taking puppies and small pets for food, but this bird tries to take a baby! It picks it up far enough to be above the mom’s head, and is flying off with the infant!! Wow! Talk about a story to tell your kids!

Addendum–>Haha!  They say now, it’s a joke, but still very funny and well done.  I actually have seen eagles pick up huge things before.  If you want to see them, visit Clarksville, MO on eagle days Jan. 26-27, 2013.  I once counted 47 eagles on a single day, and I was only there a couple hours.  They come  down looking for food as the Mississippi River ices over.   I’ll try to post pics this year.  You can find more information here.  The little town is cute too; it has some shopping and darling restaurants.  Great visit!!

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