Awesome Lightning Show on the Flight Home!

2 Jul


Rooftop Goats!

6 Aug

A Life Savored


In a small town in Door County Wisconsin, along Lake Michigan, there is a small store/restaurant that has one of the roofs with grass growing on top.  Way up on the roof, they keep goats, who wander around looking at the people below.  I love the concept!

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New Island in Japan!

22 Nov


I’m sorry, this is just too adorable

12 Nov


Jet Skiers Having Fun (2)

23 Jun

Part 2 of the Jet Skiers Video


Jet Skiers having fun

22 Jun

Went to the Han River and got the opportunity to enjoy these Jet Skiers enjoying themselves


“Law School” set to Maroon5’s Payphone

1 Mar

This is so true! Absolutely the life of the law student 🙂 I especially like the comparison to Mordor!!


Diver Disappears into Bubbles

13 Feb

Awesome video of a Diver getting sucked up into a wave of bubbles! Fascinating!


Adding Products to your Amazon Store

13 Feb

I’ve recently started a new literary blog for several authors to join, and I’ve been trying to figure out how to best explain adding products to Amazon aStores. I finally ended up just making a video explanation, and I thought I would share it here! Hope this helps someone else out!

Also check out –A better bookshelf for literary bloggers to use!

By the way, my new website it “A Question of Reading” and is available here.  Check it out if you’re interested in reviews, articles, literary criticism, and more!


How to Add a Link to your Pinterest Pins

4 Feb

So, this may have been obvious to other people, but it took me a little while to pick up how this worked. So I thought I would share the process!

Sorry for the video quality!

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