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Car Games for Children

7 Dec

I’m always surprised at the number of people who didn’t play the Alphabet game as children.  We always started at least one round while on long trips in the car.  

Alphabet Car Game 

Tell the kids to watch out for billboards, signs, anything with letters on it –  if it has letters, it’s fair game. Then the whole family watches out for the letters of the alphabet, one after another.  No two letters from the same sign, and it doesn’t count if you find a letter out of order!  So if that Q came while you were looking for C, you’re just out of luck. 😛

Great game that teaches kids the alphabet in order, helps them practice their letters, and brings awareness to beginning readers of the importance that letters and words play in our lives.  Doesn’t hurt that it occupies their time and results in fewer “Are we there yets” too. 🙂


Horrible Histories: Making History fun!

25 Jan

LOL! I admit that as a historian, I tend to enjoy things that most find incredibly boring. I actually like reading biographies and books talking about the life of Marie Antoinette, Mata Hari, Nero, and other famous figures. But, I realize that many in the world do not share my great love.

So, in honor of both the historian and the non-historian, I would like to recommend BBC’s Horrible Histories (posted on Youtube by gazza6359). These films are short (5 minutes), hilarious, and present history is a theater-esque fashion. Sometimes slightly crude, but always good for a laugh, these videos teach history from a new standpoint–no more long-winded books! Just funny movies set in olden days talking about the mysteries of history. Give them a try!

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