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#Chocolate Heaven – Baker&Spice

12 Jun

Beautiful, Peaceful #cafe in the heart of #Beijing! 

Had to visit the US Embassy (a mess – the guards don’t speak English and sent me through the mile long Chinese line getting VISAs.  The head guy found out and came to get me 😜 Soaking Wet!💦Gave them my appoinment sheet and it crumbled😂  Anyway, now just waiting before I brave the 1hr subway to the #train.  

Stopped at Baker & Spice here at Liangmaqiao station.  The #food is delicious!  So many choices and #bread loaves!  Got my mom a Walnut Bread and me a#Chocolate #cupcake.  The cupcake top inside was a surprise – completely filled with chocolate mousse!!!  So delicious!!! 🍴

Go to Liangmaqiao Station, ExitB. It’s right there. 

The Grand Summit

Club Building, 19 Dongfang Donglu


Getting a Chinese Tourism Visa (for US Natural Citizens)

14 May


US Passport

For someone who wants to work in China after graduation, I have to admit, I’m none to desperate to run through the whole getting a Visa thing again any time soon.  I mean, oh my word, that was a total disaster from start to finish.  Since the process outlined on their website is a heck of a confusing mess, I failed to realize that it would end up taking me weeks to get my Passport and Visa back. I literally only got it the day before my flight; and that was after calling my senator who called higher-ups who called higher-ups to track it down and then stopping the postal services to grab ahold of it. What a mess! In the hopes of helping clarify the process for some other poor soul Continue reading

Off I go!

8 May


I officially leave Iowa City for the Chicago airport sometime tomorrow.  My mom is driving me up there (no point in leaving a car there for 3 months) and then coming back.  Since the drive is so far, we’ve decided to stay in a hotel overnight since I have to be at the airport at 3:30 a.m. on Friday.  I have to say this whole thing has been horrible (Chinese Embassy lost my passport, resulting in three six-hour trips up to Chicago in a week during final exams, etc.) but I am so happy it is finally getting underway.  I did learn a lot during the process, so I’ll upload some of the tips in the next few days.  Wish me luck!  I’ll start posting again here in the next week or so as I arrive in Japan.  Praying everything works out perfectly!




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