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Sayonara Japan!

12 Jun

Two days ago, I officially made my sad goodbyes to the wonderful people I met in Kyoto.  I had the opportunity to meet some amazing folks, both in the program (like my absolutely fabulous roommate) and on the streets of the city itself (like our totally sweet and awesome hair cutter/stylist at the Noel Salon on Shijo-dori near the corner of Shijo and Senbon–you should definitely check her out).  I got some amazing pictures and great adventures were had by all 🙂  Everything from washing our hair in Shampoo and then Body Wash because it looked like Conditioner (stupid look alike bottles) to finding a restaurant that offered Beef Tongue and Grilled Horse meat (true story–it also served beef gristle; you know the stuff you cannot eat off your steak?!?).   We got lost so many times, but every time met someone or ran into some awesome landmark that made up for it.  We found new favorite restaurants (Anri in Porta at Kyoto Station is DELICIOUS!), favorite hang-outs (loved wandering around the riverside at Arashiyama), and new best friends.  

To Japan: I Salute You For A Wonderful Time!

Off I go!

8 May


I officially leave Iowa City for the Chicago airport sometime tomorrow.  My mom is driving me up there (no point in leaving a car there for 3 months) and then coming back.  Since the drive is so far, we’ve decided to stay in a hotel overnight since I have to be at the airport at 3:30 a.m. on Friday.  I have to say this whole thing has been horrible (Chinese Embassy lost my passport, resulting in three six-hour trips up to Chicago in a week during final exams, etc.) but I am so happy it is finally getting underway.  I did learn a lot during the process, so I’ll upload some of the tips in the next few days.  Wish me luck!  I’ll start posting again here in the next week or so as I arrive in Japan.  Praying everything works out perfectly!




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