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Georgia Bar Examination – Reported Students Failed, but they Actually Passed (2015-2016)

9 Sep

Just found this on Georgia’s Bar Examination website.  According to their report, “errors” were made when grading the February 2016 and July 2015 bar examinations.  90 people were told that they had failed, when in fact they actually passed the exam!


I cannot imagine how I would feel if I got a copy of their letter in the mail.  What do you think would outweigh the others? – Anger? Excitement? Annoyance?  Lawsuit-waiting-to-Happen?

Talk about infliction of emotional distress – maybe not intentional, but still. That’s a pretty HUGE error.  Gross Negligence if nothing else.  Their offering is that they will reimburse those people for any expenses they paid for taking the bar again since then.  But what about lost income? Lost time? What about the fees of the screwed-up bar exam?That seems like it’s going a bit under for reimbursement. I fully expect there will be arguments over that, what do y’all think?

Y’all can read the full report here.  But this is the letter they are sending out:

September 6, 2016

The Board of Bar Examiners has determined that you are one of 90 people who passed the Georgia Bar examinations administered in July 2015 or February 2016, despite prior notification that you had failed to pass. As Board members, we take full responsibility for these errors and offer our sincerest apologies to you.

Having taken the Bar examination ourselves, we recognize the distress that this mistake has caused you. As members of the Board, we are charged with upholding the integrity of the Bar examination.

We have conducted a thorough investigation and have confirmed the causes of the errors in the scoring process.  Those have been corrected and we are establishing procedures to ensure we will not make the same errors going forward. Credibility is our certification system’s greatest asset and we must restore the public trust.

The Board is prepared to reimburse you for fees associated with any subsequent exams taken as specified in the letter you have received from the Office of Bar Admissions, although we know your investment of time and effort greatly outweighs the additional cost of the examination.

Again, we offer our most sincere apology.

John Sammon
Chair, Board of Bar Examiners”

How would you feel about this situation:

A. Relief

B. Fear that it will Happen to Your Score

C. Excitement

D. Anger

E. No Big Deal – It Can Happen to the Best Bar Examiners.

Let me know in the comments below!

Clearing Google Play Cashe

2 Sep

497 Error ~ or How to Clear your Google Play Cashe on Samsung Android Phone

Now that I am in China, I have learned that having the WeChat application (texting app) is absolutely vital to living here.  However, when I attempted to download it to my mom’s Samsung Galaxy Phone, it kept giving me an Error 497 message and refusing to download.  After a few days of fiddling with it, I finally figured out the problem (can apply to other apps having errors to)~ I needed to clear the Google Play Cashe (it screwed up on the first download and this scrambled its brains 😛 )

1. Go to your Phone’s home screen.

2. Find “Settings” (Usually looks like a Gear)

3. Go to the “More” tab.

4. Find “Application Manager”

5. Go down the list to find “Google Play Store” (or app you are struggling with) and Click to open

6. There will be a lot of information here ~ “Force Stop”, “Uninstall Updates,” and a certain ways down, you will see “Clear Cashe”

7. Click the “Clear Cashe Button”

8. Now close and go try your app again!

Good Luck!

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