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#Tech Smart – Using #Didi in China

11 Aug

SUCCESS! I finally tried using #Didi for the first time this week! In the US, we have #uber but China has a program called #Didi as their alternative. 🚗
I really enjoyed it actually! You put in your pick-up spot and destination. It finds a driver and tells you how long till they arrive, a map tracking their car coming to you, their license plate #, and a car description (i.e. black Toyota). They pick you up, take you to the destination, trigger the receipt – it is automatically paid for via #alipay or #wechat and you rate their service.
By the grace of God they Actually now have an #English versionof the app which lets you type the names of places in English or #Pinyin. Super convenient!!
I do so love #tech advancements 😜

Life in #China – #WeChat 

28 May

Christmas Countdown Begins!

25 Nov


If you’re looking for an English Proofreader (校对) | Copyeditor (复制) feel free to contact me. I have extensive writing and editing experience. I’ll take Chinglish and make it professional, high-quality, grammatically perfect, strong-vocabulary English. Ads, Brochures, Reports, Papers, etc. I’m one of the best!

My Christmas Countdown is beginning! Each week I’ll give you an extra 10¥ per hour discount. 🙂 Usual price is 200¥ (30$) per hour for simple or basic work and 300¥ ($45) per hour for complex, highly technical, or difficult work. So between now and December 3rd I’ll give you a discount of 10¥!! 

Alipay / WeChat / Paypal all accepted.

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Life in China: WeChat

12 Jan

As I’ve mentioned before, China = no Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.  However, the Chinese are nothing if not inventive, and they have their own wonderful systems for instant messaging, status posting, and picture sharing.  

The first is called QQ, and I’m still getting used to that system because it is almost entirely in Chinese. They have an English version, but the English doesn’t cover many of its tools. It is a little more widely used only in that students use it more often in a day (think Facebook). Every student I’ve met also has a program called WeChat (said Weesheen), and it is how students and foreigners contact one another. It is also the replacement for Twitter for many students, so it is important to be familiar with the program.   Continue reading

Clearing Google Play Cashe

2 Sep

497 Error ~ or How to Clear your Google Play Cashe on Samsung Android Phone

Now that I am in China, I have learned that having the WeChat application (texting app) is absolutely vital to living here.  However, when I attempted to download it to my mom’s Samsung Galaxy Phone, it kept giving me an Error 497 message and refusing to download.  After a few days of fiddling with it, I finally figured out the problem (can apply to other apps having errors to)~ I needed to clear the Google Play Cashe (it screwed up on the first download and this scrambled its brains 😛 )

1. Go to your Phone’s home screen.

2. Find “Settings” (Usually looks like a Gear)

3. Go to the “More” tab.

4. Find “Application Manager”

5. Go down the list to find “Google Play Store” (or app you are struggling with) and Click to open

6. There will be a lot of information here ~ “Force Stop”, “Uninstall Updates,” and a certain ways down, you will see “Clear Cashe”

7. Click the “Clear Cashe Button”

8. Now close and go try your app again!

Good Luck!

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