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Law School Is a Good Looks Murderer

9 Dec

You know when your eyes are bloodshot, your draining the Visine bottle like nobody’s business, your hair is greasy from a whole night of stress, your heart is racing, and your skin is all dry and itchy that you’ve been spending way too much time on research papers and living off caffeine. If I don’t get some water and sleep (not necessarily in that order); I’m going to crash.  


Finals are Over!

14 Dec

Woot!  Final exams are finally complete.  I’ve gone without sleep and without sanity for the last two weeks, but it is over at last.  Hope all you other students did great on you exams, and that you are finishing up the semester with style!  At last I can start writing again!

2 Tests Down, 3 to go!

4 Dec

12/4/2012 –Yay!  Arbitration exam is now officially taken care of.  It seemed harder to me than other people thought, but hopefully it went well.  Now on to Copyrights.  Fighting!


12/5/2012–Oh dear,  you know it ‘s a bad sign when the A+ students complain that they kept changing their answers.  I try not to talk about tests until after they are finished, but they kept talking around me, and it is kind of hard not to hear.  Anyway, teacher had to fix the exam half way through, we’ll see how it goes.  Next is Constitutional Law II–equal rights, religious rights, and the right to privacy.  Here we go!

Law Gone Wild

28 Nov

Goodbye world, Goodbye television, Goodbye Facebook.

That time has come, that dreaded moment that comes twice every year. Yes, finals have arrived.  As each day passes, more and more students seem to drop off the face of the earth.  Social media collapses, Gas stations and 24-hour food marts see swells in sales, and stress level shoot through the roof.  Life is now simply a move from notes to outlines to Powerpoints to practice tests.  This is a particularly dreaded time for law students.  There is so little to find humorous when studying the law that our sense of humor is highly twisted by graduation, but hey! we can still be funny!  So in the spirit of loosening up before exams begin, I thought I’d share one of my favorite poems for law students.  So without further adieu, I present G. K. Chesterton’s “The Horrible History of Jones.”  This is why we study law–to keep it from becoming like this. Sadly we seem to have failed in regards to the abbreviations; they are just this bad. I counted 21 in one of my courses!

Jones had a dog; it had a chain;
Not often worn, not causing pain;
But, as the I. K. L. had passed
Their ‘Unleashed Cousins Act’ at last,
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