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Tread Lightly When You Travel: My Reputation Goes With You

7 Aug
Traditional South Korean drummers

A traditional South Korean Band playing at a Red Cross Conference in

It seems counter-intuitive, but the art of being a good traveler is disappearing nearly as fast as globalization increases.  Having extensively traveled abroad in recent years, I can safely say that I no long wonder why tourists often rank amongst the most disliked people in the world. But it isn’t just the tourists; it’s the students, the businessmen, the soldiers, and the politicians. There is something about going abroad that causes many people to leave behind all the manners and rules of civilized behavior they would normally adopt at home.  And we get it, it’s nice to just abandon all your reservations and let loose once in a while. But people forget that they aren’t just representing themselves abroad; they are representing their entire nation and culture.  Even if nothing they do ever comes back to their families, the locals will remember “that idiot from ***** country”.  And when the locals have to watch over and over while the travelers repeat the same ignorant, reckless behavior, it becomes a stereotype applied to all traveler’s from that background.

“Oh, stop being such a sourpuss!,” the excuses run. “We’re just having fun.” “We’re paying good money to be here.” “Who cares what they think?”  Well, serious travelers care, for one.  I personally am sick and tired of being brushed with the “stupid, rude, careless, obnoxious, disrespectful, American tourist” stamp. Over and over, I enter a new country only to find that the travelers before me were wildly and Continue reading


College Charm School

9 Jan

College Charm School

Interesting article talking about the move toward teaching college students manners.  Universities in the United States are beginning to offer lessons on charm for their students.  They’ll teach you everything from making a good impression to how to each a bread roll.  I think this is an excellent idea, manner are highly underrated in today’s day and age.  Considering the desperate need for jobs in the modern economy, students need all the advantages they can get, and this is a great way to get ahead of the pack.  Go colleges!


Train Manners!

3 Dec

Train Manners!–Vintage Tokyo Subway Manners Posters.

Hahahah!  Nice!  🙂

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