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MPRE Results

29 Apr

MPRE Results are set to come out today! Watch Your Accounts!


Map of States Requiring Standardized Law Tests

10 Dec

The NCBEX offers the map of the US states and territories that use the NCBE exams. These include the MPRE, MBE, MPT, and MEE.  You can see which of these tests are used in which locations. Kind of helpful when choosing which state to bar into.


Finding MPRE Scores

3 Dec

 MPRE scores are posted if you took the test Nov. 2013! Meaning I just spent 45 minutes trying to figure out where they were going to show up.  Now that I have located it, I thought I’d share the directions in case anyone else was having the same problem. 🙂  CLICK IMAGES TO ENLARGE.

METHOD 1 = Easiest Method

  • Click THIS Direct Link to Your File Cabinet on the NCBEX/MPRE Site.
  • Log in when it asks. This will take you to the File Cabinet; all you have to do is click the “MPRE Score” link and it will show you the scaled score.

File Cabinet

METHOD 2 = Just in Case

  • Go to the NCBEX website.


  • There are two ways to go about this. 
    • Click “Score Services” on the Main page shown above (light blue button under “NCBE Account”
    • Click “Log in” from the top right of the Main Screen shown above.
  • Either one will take you to the NCBE account log-in page. There you need to sign in with your email address and password.
  • Now you are going to be on your account (Score Services takes you to Score Services; Log in goes to Account Home). Doesn’t matter which page you’re on, it’ll still have the same menu on the top. This menu is what you’re looking for.


  • On the menu at the top of this page, the far right option will be “File Cabinet.” Click that.

Menu Bar

  • Voila! Now you just click on the “MPRE Score” link, and you’ll see your scaled score!

File Cabinet


Looks like this. You need the “Scaled Score.”  Now go check out the State MPRE Requirements to see where your score is sufficient to meet their laws. You need at least a 75, usually higher, for all but Puerto Rico, Maryland, and Wisconsin.

MPRE Score Page

Bar Exam Results & MPRE Requirements

4 Nov


   For my Law School followers, I’ve added two new pages to the blog.

  • The first is “Bar Exam Results” — Here you can find links to all the officially posted Bar Results (some states don’t post them, and I’ve marked those) and Statistics. This covers all 50 states as well as Guam, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Virgin Islands, and the Northern Mariana Islands. Good Luck!

  • The second is “State MPRE Reqs” — Here I share the minimum passing score for each state and the time limits for when they will accept an MPRE. Did you know that 2 states don’t actually require an MPRE score? Good News!

MPRE Exam Tomorrow

16 Aug

Wish me luck! Tomorrow morning I set off for the University campus where I will be taking the Multi-state Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE). This test is required by all of the states for people who want to practice as attorneys and it tests your ethical knowledge of the law.  This means it is going to ask me a bunch of convoluted questions that basically come down to: “Do I Cheat My Client” and the general answer of “Not Usually.”  Unfortunately law school tests are notorious for employing confusion tactics.  For example, the law says you have to have a written agreement to do something, an oral agreement won’t work. The question says “there was an agreement, can you act”. Well, that’s depends on whether it was written or oral, but none of those are an option.  Blech! I hate those questions!  Anyway, I have to make a certain score (it varies from state to state) so I’m off to study some more! I’d appreciate some helpful prayers!


BTW: I will be selling a pdf version of my MPRE outline after tomorrow for $5.  It’s less than 20 pages (I’ll let you know the exact number) and should have all the need to know info.  Let me know if you’re interested! It’s also great for Professional Responsibility classes 🙂

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