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新年快乐 (Happy New Year!)

8 Feb

新年快乐 (Xīn Nián Kuài Lè) means Happy New Year in Chinese 🙂 This year is the Year of the Monkey! I think tomorrow I will try to add a description of the Chinese animals theory to DeceptivelyBlonde 🙂 

Anyway, Happy New Year from us in China! Here’s one of the beautiful fireworks that lit up the sky on New Year’s Eve 🙂 No one does firework like the Chinese!



Better Picture (Sadly not my own)

21 Jan

Better Picture (Sadly not my own)

See, I’m not making this up! 🙂  Here is Samapicture‘s version, which is awesome!  What pictures did you all come up with?

I Saw Jupiter!

21 Jan

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Quick!  Run outside and take a quick peek at the Moon.  Tonight, Jupiter is supposed to be extremely close to the moon, and I actually got pictures!  Yay!  So, they aren’t particularly good pictures, and Jupiter is more like a small blot than a planet, but you get the message. I saw Jupiter!  How awesome is that?  You actually can see the planet pretty distinctly.  Even though it is right next to the moon, it looks like a ginormous star.  If you get a pic, post it here.  I’d love to see if anyone gets a really good one 🙂

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