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Light in the Shadows

20 Jan



Lights in the Dark

25 Sep


Han River Cruise

22 Jun

Took a trip down the Han River with the Hangang River Cruise today, and it was just as wonderful as I remembered. The sky was pretty foggy, so my pictures weren’t as crisp, but in real life it was just mind-blowing. I think I truly fell in love with Seoul the first time I took this cruise. Before then, I was enjoying my visit and I had started to get used to my surroundings and the excitement of the trip. But it was after this cruise that it really felt like home there. There is a difference from feeling like a guest made comfortable and feeling like this is where you belong. The Han River makes me feel like I belong.

Perhaps it’s because I was raised alongside the Mississippi, but there is just something truly magical about floating down a huge expanse of water, listening to the bobbing waves mixing with crooning lyrics from the radio as you are encompassed by the dark, lit only by the cityscape on either side and the multi-colored lights lining the bridges.  It’s hard to explain, and photos (which fail to encompass sound, or smell, or feelings) can never even come close to doing it justice.  With the moon above you, and the world passing by on either side, you just feel awed. Yes, that’s the word I”m looking for–Awed.  So much so that I put my camera down for the last half of the trip, and just sat there. Quietly, alone with my thoughts and with the world on pause. Maybe I”ll go back tomorrow.


Better Picture (Sadly not my own)

21 Jan

Better Picture (Sadly not my own)

See, I’m not making this up! 🙂  Here is Samapicture‘s version, which is awesome!  What pictures did you all come up with?

I Saw Jupiter!

21 Jan

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Quick!  Run outside and take a quick peek at the Moon.  Tonight, Jupiter is supposed to be extremely close to the moon, and I actually got pictures!  Yay!  So, they aren’t particularly good pictures, and Jupiter is more like a small blot than a planet, but you get the message. I saw Jupiter!  How awesome is that?  You actually can see the planet pretty distinctly.  Even though it is right next to the moon, it looks like a ginormous star.  If you get a pic, post it here.  I’d love to see if anyone gets a really good one 🙂

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