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#Chinese Numbers 1 to 100!

17 Jan
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Image Borrowed from China Highlights
0 Líng
1 Yī   

**also called “Yao” if using a series of numbers like a phone number or room number or something.  But if you’re like “I want one soda” it’s Yi.

2 Èr

** also called “Liang” (两) sometimes. In my experience, it’s usually when you are talking about things. Like “I want two sodas” = “Wǒ yào liǎng gè Cola”



3 sān

**Sounds similar to the word for death. Unlucky number. Many students prefer not to be in the 4th group, in the 4th chair, etc. Best to accomodate them.

6 liù
9 Jiǔ
10 Shí
11 十一 Shí yī
12 十二 Shí èr
13 十三 Shí sān
14 十四 Shí sì
15 十五 Shí wǔ
16 十六 Shí liù
17 十七 Shí qī
18 十八 Shí bā
19 十九 Shí jiǔ
20 二十 Èr shí
21 二十一 Èr shí yī
22 二十二 Èr shí èr
23 二十三 Èr shí sān
24 二十四 Èr shí sì
25 二十五 Èr shí wǔ
26 二十六 Èr shí liù
27 二十七 Èr shí qī
28 二十八 Èr shí bā
29 二十九 Èr shí jiǔ
30 三十 Sān shí
31 三十一 Sān shí yī
32 三十二 Sān shí èr
33 三十三 Sān shí sān
34 三十四 Sān shí sì
35 三十五 Sān shí wǔ
36 三十六 Sān shí liù
37 三十七 Sān shí qī
38 三十八 Sān shí bā
39 三十九 Sān shí jiǔ
40 四十 Sì shí
41 四十一 Sì shí yī
42 四十二 Sì shí èr
43 四十三 Sì shí sān
44 四十四 Sì shí sì
45 四十五 Sì shí wǔ
46 四十六 Sì shí liù
47 四十七 Sì shí qī
48 四十八 Sì shí bā
49 四十九 Sì shí jiǔ
50 五十 Wǔ shí
51 五十一 Wǔ shí yī
52 五十二 Wǔ shí èr
53 五十三 Wǔ shí sān
54 五十四 Wǔ shí sì
55 五十五 Wǔ shí wǔ
56 五十六 Wǔ shí liù
57 五十七 Wǔ shí qī
58 五十八 Wǔ shí bā
59 五十九 Wǔ shí jiǔ
60 六十 Liù shí
61 六十一 Liù shí yī
62 六十二 Liù shí èr
63 六十三 Liù shí sān
64 六十四 Liù shí sì
65 六十五 Liù shí wǔ
66 六十六 Liù shí liù
67 六十七 Liù shí qī
68 六十八 Liù shí bā
69 六十九 Liù shí jiǔ
70 七十 Qī shí
71 七十一 Qī shí yī
72 七十二 Qī shí èr
73 七十三 Qī shí sān
74 七十四 Qī shí sì
75 七十五 Qī shí wǔ
76 七十六 Qī shí liù
77 七十七 Qī shí qī
78 七十八 Qī shí bā
79 七十九 Qī shí jiǔ
80 八十 Bā shí
81 八十一 Bā shí yī
82 八十二 Bā shí èr
83 八十三 Bā shí sān
84 八十四 Bā shí sì
85 八十五 Bā shí wǔ
86 八十六 Bā shí liù
87 八十七 Bā shí qī
88 八十八 Bā shí bā
89 八十九 Bā shí jiǔ
90 九十 Jiǔ shí
91 九十一 Jiǔ shí yī
92 九十二 Jiǔ shí èr
93 九十三 Jiǔ shí sān
94 九十四 Jiǔ shí sì
95 九十五 Jiǔ shí wǔ
96 九十六 Jiǔ shí liù
97 九十七 Jiǔ shí qī
98 九十八 Jiǔ shí bā
99 九十九 Jiǔ shí jiǔ
100 一百  Yì  bǎi

Random Chinese ~ Numbers

14 May

Now that I’m living here in China, I’m starting to pick up a little bit of Chinese 🙂 Some of this is from classes, some from my textbook, and most from talking to the locals. But knowing Chinese is very important here, since the English of the older generations (who manage the businesses) is still not very fluent.  

I thought I’d share a few words as I learn them; maybe they will help other new laowai (foreigners) who come to check China out 🙂

Warning, DeceptivelyBlonde (DB) pronunciation uses no tones and is only meant to get you by if needs must 🙂 It’s the redneck Chinese.


Number = Character = Pinyin = DB Pronunciation

The Numbers are pretty easy – you need to know 1-10, 100, 1,000, and 10,000. Then you’re pretty much done and can put them together.

0 Líng Leeng
1 Eee
2 Èr Are
3 Sān Sahn
4 Seuh
5 Woouh
6 Liù Lew
7 Chee
8 Bah
9 Jiǔ Jeew
10 Shí Shur
20 二十 ÈrShí 2 + 10 AreShur
100 一百 YīBǎi 1 + 100 EeeBai
1,000 一千 YīQiān 1 + 1000 Eee Cheeahn
10,000 一万 Yī Wàn 1 + 10,000 Eee Wahn

Advanced Numbers

Once you have these foundational numbers, you can start putting together all the other numbers!

Basically, do the following order:

  • Number of 10,000s
  • Number of 1,000s
  • Number of 100s
  • Number of 10s
  • Number of 1s
132 一百三十二 YīBǎi SānShí èr (1 x 100)(3 x 10)(2) Eee Bai Sahn Shur Are
1,132 一千一百三十二 YīQiān YīBǎi SānShí èr (1 x 1000)(1 x 100)(3 x 10) (2) Eee Cheeahn Eee Bai Sahn Shur Are
11,132 一万一千一百三十二 YīWàn YīQiān YīBǎi SānShí èr (1 x 10,000))(1 x 1000)(1 x 100)(3 x 10)(2) Eee Wahn Eee Cheeahn Eee Bai Sahn Shur Are
111,132 十一万一千一百三十二 ShíYīWàn YīQiān YīBǎi SānShí èr (11 x 10,000)(1 x 1000)(1 x 100)(3 x 10)(2) Shur Eee Wahn Eee Cheeahn Eee Bai Sahn Shur Are
1,111,132 一百十一万一千一百三十二 YīBǎi ShíYī Wàn Yīqiān Yībǎi SānShí èr (111 x 10,000)(1 x 1000)(1 x 100)(3 x 10)(2) Eee Bai Shur Eee Wahn Eee Cheeahn Eee Bai Sahn Shur Are

See, easy!

Fun with Chinese!

16 Feb


Lol, we are learning Chinese, but it comes with some fun quirks. Like a whole new way to count on your hands!

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