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Email in China

1 Apr

Over time, it gets harder and harder to use Google and Outlook products here in China. This is a particularly large issue for the wonderful world of email.  Gmail and Outlook mail are no longer working properly even with a VPN.  

The largest problem I’m confronting right now is that Chinese services are blocking “Received” messages from Gmail or Outlook accounts.  For example, QQ (which my students all use), is completely rejecting anything from GMail or Outlook.  

So what can you use?

Well, here are a couple alternatives:

  • QQ – This is what most of the students are using. Basically, you register and download QQ International, and one of the options available to you with an account is QQMail.They have unlimited space and you can add large attachments. The downside is remembering your totally random QQ# email address (e.g. 123456789@qq.com).
  • Foxmail – Doesn’t work with a VPN on.  Offers you an email system that’s pretty good
  • 163.com – Download with Google Chrome browser so you can translate the system into English while you set up your account. Pretty good, a lot of students use it.  

I’ll try to do a comparison on them later. Right now, I use QQ, and I like it a lot. I do get tired of not being able to send an email to very many people and you keep having to enter confirmation codes. But it works!

Life in China: WeChat

12 Jan

As I’ve mentioned before, China = no Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.  However, the Chinese are nothing if not inventive, and they have their own wonderful systems for instant messaging, status posting, and picture sharing.  

The first is called QQ, and I’m still getting used to that system because it is almost entirely in Chinese. They have an English version, but the English doesn’t cover many of its tools. It is a little more widely used only in that students use it more often in a day (think Facebook). Every student I’ve met also has a program called WeChat (said Weesheen), and it is how students and foreigners contact one another. It is also the replacement for Twitter for many students, so it is important to be familiar with the program.   Continue reading

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