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Astrill Problems & an Alternative

19 Jan


Just a quick note, the Astrill VPN has been having a lot of problems the last couple of weeks.  Some of the complaints I’ve been hearing:

  • It won’t log in.
  • It won’t connect.
  • It connects, but there is no internet service.
  • It works sporadically – some webpages are not connecting but others are.

While I usually like Astrill, I know that it sometimes comes and goes.  If you are looking for an alternative, here are a couple I can recommend.  


VYPR is a pretty strong VPN , it’s been more stable recently than Astrill. I use it quite a bit, and it’s been fine these past few weeks. You can read my review here.  It costs money, but to me being safe on the internet is so worth the price.  It’s nice not to get viruses on your computer when you’re looking in to WeChat from a local cafe or something. 

Psiphon 3

Psiphon is a free VPN which can be helpful in times of emergency.  I never have had much luck with it on my computer, but I do sometimes use it on my phone.  To be honest, the service is sketchy, I’m not confident about the safety, and it doesn’t let me upload things due to slow speed. But if I need a quick check on Google Mail or something, it has pulled me through some rough patches!

There are of course other alternatives, but I haven’t tested them out. So I can’t really recommend them.  


48 Hours in Seoul: Introduction

4 Feb
Seoul korea
Seoul, South Korea from the Namsan Tower

48 Hours in Seoul:

An Itinerary for Getting the Most From A Too Brief Trip

Are you looking for history, culture, nature, great food, good shopping, and a little taste of Korea?  Well, Seoul is definitely the best place for all of these things!  In fact, Seoul has so many amazing things to do that you could spend years there and still never see everything (I spent 3 months and barely cracked the surface). But sometimes you don’t have forever to spend in a place. Continue reading

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