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Week 1 Bar Results

6 Sep

At the end of Week 1, these bar exams results have been released:

  • North Carolina (Onlinel)
  • Wyoming (via Mail)
  • Wisconsin (via Mail)
  • Kansas (Online) ~ 88% passage rate
  • Oklahoma (Online) ~ 79% passage rate
  • West Virginia (Online) ~ 75% passage rate

Alabama, Texas, Indiana Bar Results

30 Apr

Alabama Bar Results were Released

Texas Bar Results were Released

Indiana Bar Results were Released

MPRE Results

29 Apr

MPRE Results are set to come out today! Watch Your Accounts!


Massachusetts Bar Results

28 Apr

Massachusetts Bar results were Released

I Passed the Bar

19 Apr

Yay!  I passed the Iowa Bar Exam! I am officially an Iowa Lawyer (as of the Swearing in 😛 )

Mississippi Bar Results

12 Apr

Mississippi can be found here.

Washington can be found here.

Idaho Bar Results Out!

10 Apr

Idaho can be found here.

North Carolina, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Arkansas Bar Results are Out

4 Apr

North Carolina, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Arkansas Bar Results are Out.

  • Oklahoma is here.
  • Kansas is here.
  • Arkansas can be found here.
  • North Carolina’s can be found here.

IL Bar Results are Out!

1 Apr

Illinois Bar Results are out as of April 1, 2014!

Utah is Out

31 Mar

Utah Results are Out w/ approximately 65% passage rate (If I calculated properly). Almost a 10% drop from 2013 I believe)


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